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Google Ads
setup and management

We specialise in setting up Google Ads campaigns for businesses who are working within tight budgets.

A Google Ads campaign for your small business helps you get results almost immediately. There is no minimum ad spend required. You can start from around $20 per day and see what sort of results you achieve. With conversion tracking in place you can easily determine the effectiveness and profitability of your campaign.

search ads

You can target people actively searching online for your products and services on Google's search result network.

display ads

Target customers with visually striking display ads while they are browsing their favourite sites. Great for increasing brand awareness.


Remarketing is a great way for small business owners to target customers who have previously shown interest in your products or services.

Google Ads services

What we do



We look at your main competitors and how they advertise, determine a conversion target, determine your max CPC and come up with an offer you can promote. Your landing page needs to be set up specifically for the product or service that your ad is focused on. A good landing page is essential for your ad to perform at its best.


Business Objective

Determine a single goal per campaign. Sales, leads, website traffic, product & brand awareness & more. This will help determine the campaign type - search or display as well as shopping, video, smart, discovery, app and local to consider.



To be able to determine the effectiveness of your ads, conversion tracking needs to be set up. Tracking can be the number of visits to a page or the number of phone calls your ad generates. If part of your process is to get visitors to complete a form, a thankyou page can be set up with any access counted as a conversion. Some code will need to be added to your site to make this happen.



Google can target potential customers based on a number of factors like affinity (lifestyles), in-market (what they are searching for), demographics, life events, remarketing, customer match, similar audiences and locations. We can set up a number of audiences and determine which is the best fit.



We need to determine which bidding strategy is best for your campaign. The bid strategies include: manual CPC, maximise clicks, target CPA, target impression share, maximise conversions, maximise conversion value, enhanced CPC and target ROAS. We also need to determine your daily spend.



We will set up a list of keywords that people will use to search for your product or service. These keywords are researched using tools like the Google Keyword planner. Keyword match type - either broad, phrase or exact is determined based on the business type.


Ad Build

Set up ad groups, create headlines (30 chars), descriptions (90 chars), images (rectangular and square) and logos, ensure keywords are prominent and match your landing page, add a display url, set up your sitelink, callout and call ad extensions.



Analyse bid types and change if necessary, trim and add keywords based on results, quality score, CTR and Google recommendations, add negative keywords, perform A/B testing, look at remarketing options, competition analysis and reporting.

Our Google ads setup and support costs

All of our costs are transparent - we don't have any hidden charges or surprises.

  • Campaign set up
  • from $399 + gst
  • keyword analysis
  • ad copy and images
  • search or display ads
  • audience setup
  • Contact us
  • Campaign support
  • from $199/month + gst
  • weekly performance report
  • keyword monitoring
  • split testing
  • investigate google recommendations
  • Contact us

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