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SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is the process used to optimise a website so it ranks high on search engine queries. The better optimised your site is, the better you will perform on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP).

Google uses a complex algorithm to return accurate results for a search engine query. It looks at the relevancy between the search term and content on a page as well as the pages authority (popularity) on the Internet. The three factors that influence these results are your on-page optimisation, your website's content and the number and quality of in-bound links to your site.

We offer an SEO service that can increase your search engine rankings by improving your site's on-page optimisation, track your main keywords and how they perform on the SERPs, analyse your competitors sites, improve your page content and increase the chance of receiving more links to your site.


The first part of an SEO strategy is your on-page optimisation. Page title, description, site speed and page navigation all play an important part in improving your search engine results.


Page and site content is crucial to performing well in the major search engine results. Keyword weight and placement and a regularly updated blog play important roles.


In-bound links can improve your pages authority in the eyes of the search engines. The better the pages authority the higher you will rank, so a link building strategy is a must.

SEO services

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Set up and install Google analytics on your site, sign up to Google Search Central and Bing Webmaster tools, set up your html and xml sitemaps, set up .htaccess and robots.txt files. Make sure you have an SSL certificate installed correctly and look at caching certain files, as well as file compression.


on-page optimisation

Ensure title, description and header tags set up correctly. Ensure grammar and spelling is correct. Pages should have accurate and ample content (500 words+). Make sure images are optimised and contain alt text. Check keyword optimisation and density. Look at creating a blog with up-to-date and relevant content.



Check site speed and rectify if required, check internal links, mobile friendliness, canonical tags. Ensure there are not duplicate versions of your site and http is redirecting to https. Check for broken links. Serve small css and js files and ensure they are compressed and minified. Use an SEO-friendly site structure. Add structured data, open graph and twitter tags.



Perform keyword research site wide and page specific. Determine and list main keywords for each page and ensure on-page optimisation is geared towards these keywords. Conduct competitor research to see what keywords they are ranking for and if gaps exist. Track your important keywords to determine how you are ranking and react to any changes.


off-page seo

The main form of off-page seo is link building which can be divided into three types - natural links (i.e. someone links to your blog or page), manual links (you ask people to link to your site) and self-created links (you place your link in blogs or directories). Other off-page seo includes Google My Business, online directories like Yellow Pages and social media marketing.



Use Google Analytics to track your performance. Audit your content, both on and off-page seo, and your page speed. Monitor your organic traffic, your leads, your keyword rankings and your page views. Pay particular notice to your bounce rate and your average time on a page to determine if you need to make changes. Use Google Search Central to manage and troubleshoot any website issues.

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