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We specialise in setting up Facebook Ads campaigns for businesses who are working within tight budgets.

To be successful with Facebook advertising you need to determine your objectives, have an optimised landing page, create audiences to build your brand and collect leads and a retarget audience for sales and conversions. Your creatives and ad copy are an important step to get right and you need to track your results to determine if you are succeeding and continually monitor and tweak your ads.

We can help with all your Facebook advertising needs. We have over 10 years' experience running and tuning Facebook ads and best of all, we offer our professional services at a reasonable rate. Read on to see what we offer and if you are interested in learning more or getting your Facebook advertising off the ground then please get in touch.


When you choose an objective, Facebook analyses its user data and serves your ads to people in your target audience who are most likely to take the action you want.


Your ad creative and copy are the most important factors in deciding whether your ad succeeds. If your ad doesn't get peoples attention then it's simply not going to work.


You need to stay on top of your ads to ensure things like your return on spend is positive, your ads aren't suffering from fatigue and your audience is optimal.


Awareness objectives help generate interest in your product or service. At this stage focus on letting cold customers know about your business.


Consideration objectives encourage audiences to think and learn more about your business. Focus on collecting prospective buyers information.


Conversion objectives get audiences to buy or use your product or service. The target audience should focus on audiences made up of your existing leads.

Facebook Ads services

What we do


Analysis & setup

We look at your main competitors and see how they advertise on Facebook to gain insights into the level of competition. If you haven't already done so a Facebook business page is a must and you also need to set up Facebook Business manager and create an ads manager account to manage your ads. Billing and payment information is also set up in ads manager. Once you are set up you can allocate roles to your account if you're not going to manage it yourself.


Campaign Objective

We work with you to determine the campaign objective. The main groups of objectives are awareness, consideration and conversion. You may want to get people to visit your web site, generate leads that you can follow up on, create brand awareness, engage people to comment or share what you are offering, get some app installs happening or increase conversions. Your selected objective is used to determine ad formats, bidding options and how Facebook optimises the campaign.


Pixel setup & tracking

To be able to determine the effectiveness of your ads, conversion tracking needs to be set up. Make sure you have a Google analytics account and tracking codes in place. For Facebook ad tracking a Facebook pixel can be set up and installed on your site. The pixel can track access to your web page and determine which ads are converting and which ones aren't. The pixel is also used to set up remarketing audiences where you can re-show your ad to people who have visited your website, your Facebook page or Instagram account.


Budget & Bidding

The next step is to set up your budget and bidding. There are two budget options - you can either set up a daily budget, where Facebook will attempt to roughly spend the amount you set. The other is called a lifetime budget where the amount you set will be spent evenly across the number of days you specify. You need to specify your ad delivery optimisation, your bid strategy, delivery type and your ads scheduling.



Audience targeting allows you to only show your ads to people that you target based on a number of different factors. There are three types of audiences - core audiences are based on factors like demographics, interests and behaviours. Custom audiences are based on people who have shown interest in your business or product and lookalike audiences which are similar to audiences that you already care about. The types of targeting available includes locations (entire countries or certain cities), gender, age, language, Facebook status, demographics, interests or behaviours. The list is extensive.



By default Facebook will automatically select the placements for you based on the campaign goal and what they believe will give you the best results. You can choose to have manual placements where you select where your ad will be shown. The different types of placements include Facebook news feed, Instagram feed, Facebook video, Facebook marketplace, Facebook right column, Instagram explore, Messenger inbox, Facebook, Instagram and Messenger Feeds, Apps and Instream videos.


Ad build

A critical step in the process. Image ads, video or carousel are the main ad types but there are many more to choose from including boosted posts and Messenger ads. Another good option is a lead ad which gathers information on potential customers. Your image or video is important to get right ... it needs to grab people's attention to get them to click through. The primary text, headline and description have to give the customer the information they need to take action.



Once your ads are up and running it is important that you keep track of them, analyse their performance and make changes when necessary. Ads manager gives you all the tools you need to report on your ads performance. With our campaign support services we run checks for high ad frequency, monitor ad costs, tweak audiences, run A/B testing on campaigns to understand what's relevant for your target audience and replace under performing ads.

Our Facebook ads setup and support costs

All of our costs are transparent - we don't have any hidden charges or surprises.

  • Campaign set up
  • from $399 + gst
  • campaign objective
  • campaign setup
  • audience research
  • ad copy & image creation
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  • Campaign support
  • from $199/month + gst
  • weekly performance report
  • ad monitoring
  • split testing
  • audience optimisation
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