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The main players in the online advertising world are Google and Facebook. Both now offer targeted audiences and are a good way to bring in new business. Of course you have to pay for this new business but a campaign aimed at your target audience can bring in plenty of new customers. Microsoft Bing is another online advertising option with a setup similar to Google Ads but with a smaller audience.

And then there are online business directories that you should have already subscribed to. They offer a number of different ways to increase your exposure on their site via paid placements and advertising options.

And finally, if you are a tradie, a number of find a tradie websites can send you work via a quoting system, usually for a set monthly fee.

Google Ads

Google Ads is a PPC (pay per click) campaign that uses targeted keywords to bring in new business. You set up an ad, select your target audience and keywords, your daily spend and then pay for each click you receive. How much you pay is dependant on the popularity of the keywords you've selected and how high you want your particular ad placed against that keyword. Depending on your keywords and audience you can expect to pay anything from 15 cents per web site click up to a few dollars for popular keywords. You can set a daily advertising limit so you don't pay more than you want and can check on how your ads are performing and make changes. Different advertising options include text ads which show up on Googles search results, display campaigns which show up on websites or apps and video campaigns which will show on YouTube videos.

We offer a Google ads service which includes full campaign setup from $299. Check our Google Ads services for more information.

Facebook ads

With Facebook you can target a specific audience down to their social preferences, their interests or where they live. You can opt to link your Facebook ad to your web site or direct to your Facebook page. Building up a good following on Facebook is an easy way to keep your customers informed of what's happening with your business, letting them know of any specials or deals you have or responding to questions from your customers. You can create your own ads on Facebook, with options for image only, carousel or video. You can also boost a post from your page to get it to more potential customers. Facebook will give you feedback and stats on each ad that you create so you can determine if its been successful. Make you you have a link to your Facebook page from your web site.

We offer a Facebook ads service which includes full campaign setup from $299. Check our Facebook ads page for more information.

Local Directories

Local Directores are free to join and give you a basic listing with a link to your website and contact details. They also offer upgraded listings and advertising and can be a low cost option to engage more customers.

Yellow Pages offer packages from $30/month up to $217/month to help improve your exposure on their site. The bronze level ($30) has space for your logo, customer ratings, better contact options and location maps. You can check the different options here.

True Local offer a basic listing for $33/month with a higher search ranking and enhanced listing featuring more engaging content and a priority listing from $99/month with premium ad placements. Check the details here.

Yelp offer an advertising option on a pay-per-click basis. You can spend as little as $5 a day and target a specific demographic. Yelp Ads puts your business above the search results and on your competitors pages. Click here for more info.

Local Search offer a business profile upgrade from $1 a day which includes display of logo and photos, higher placement on the list view, document upload and the ability to reply to reviews. Check the details here.

Find a Tradie Websites

These type of websites offer the customer a number of quotes from different companies for work they require. For example if a customer wanted a blocked drain fixed they would enter the details of the work required and receive quotes from up to 4 companies. The customer would then choose one quote (the cheapest?) and engage that company. The type of jobs these companies offer are not just limited to home repairs. You can get a quote for just about anything you can think of. While this system works well for the customer it's not so good for the companies who needs to come in with the cheapest quote to win the work.

The main websites involved are ServiceSeeking, Hipages, Oneflare and Airtasker. They have different price structures with ServiceSeeking offering a membership structure charging based on volume and averaging around $50/month for the entry level membership. Hipages is only for trade based businesses and has a subscription and pay-per-lead pricing structure. Subscriptions start at $70/month and leads from $10/month. Oneflare is pay-per-lead with leads statrting at $6 and an optional subscription service from $50/month. And finally Airtasker works on a commision basis, you pay 15% of the money you receive for completed work to Airtasker.
Online advertising with Google and Facebook is a quick way to get new customers and can be cost effective to do so if you do it right. You certainly don't want to be paying too much per click. If you are paying say 50 cents per click and getting a sale every 100 clicks then you need to know if $50 you've spent brings you more than $50 in profit (and can you do it cheaper through other forms of advertising?). It's not that hard to get started and you can specify how much you spend a day and you can easily turn your campaigns on and off when you want to. If you need help setting up a campaign check out our options below. We specialise in small business Google Ads campaigns with a budget of under $1000/month and have very competitive fees for setting up and managing PPC campaigns.

Our advertising services

google search Ads

Google ads search campaign setup, keyword research, ad copy (1 responsive ad), sitelinks, demographics, weekly reporting. Setup cost from $299 plus Google ad spend. Ongoing costs from $199/month.
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google display Ads

Google ads display campaign setup, keyword research, creation of 4 image ads, logo, ad copy, demographics, weekly reporting. Setup cost from $299 plus Google ad spend. Ongoing costs from $199/month.
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facebook ads

If you are looking at a social media presence we can help. We can set up your business on Facebook and run advertising campaigns for you. Setup costs from $299 per ad including ad copy and image.
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