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Googles search result's are geared towards businesses that are located close to someone conducting a search. This means that if you have set up your local search optimisation correctly then your chances of being ranked highly by Google are immensly improved. Your main aim as a local business should be getting one of the cherished spots in Google's local three pack.

The local 3 pack is the top three local businesses in a particular area that rank the best for the user's search term. Getting your local SEO in order is a priority if you want to get one of the top three spots.

We offer local SEO solutions for small business that will help move your business up the local search results. We look at a number of key factors like setting up your Google My Business account, Bing and directory listings, local content and search terms, your local SEO, reviews and analytics.

google my business

Google My Business (GMB), combined with your web site, should be your first step in creating a local profile. It is free to set up and can bring in plenty of web traffic depending on how well your site is optimised. Your business will appear on Googles local search result's and on Google maps.

bing places for business

Like GMB, Bing Places for Business is a free service that allows you to list your local business and be found in Bings local search result's. Although not as popular as Google, Bing is the second most used search engine and can expose your business to a different audience.

local directories

A good way to improve your local SEO is to list your business on the popular local business directories. All offer some type of free listing and will help improve your visibility as well as generating a link back to your site. The main players are Yellow Online, True Local and Yelp.

local search services

What we do



The starting point is your web site setup and optimised. A GMB account needs to be set up correctly and is probably the most important step you need to complete for local search. A Bing Places for Business account should also be created as well as setting up an Apple Maps listing. Search directories also play an important role in your setup - you should list your site with as many directories as possible. Ensure you are listed with Yellow Online, True Local and Yelp as a minimum.


local search terms

Local search terms are keywords that focus on your location as well as the services and products you offer. These keywords help drive people in your area to your business. Some research needs to be done to determine the best keywords to use to attract local customers to your business. You shouldn't restrict yourself to a single location but you also shouldn't cast your net too wide. Competitor research can help as well as Google's Keyword Planner.


local content

Producing content is an effective way to rank for local keywords. To supplement the setup process and keywords you need to include local content to perform better in your search results. If you have multiple locations or want your business to attract customers across multiple locations (e.g. different suburbs), a different web page for each location allows you to concentrate specific location keywords on each page. Content could take the form of local promotions, news and industry trends, depending on your industry.


local SEO

Many local SEO tasks are the same as general SEO tasks so if you have your website optimised you are well on your way. An important part in this process is your NAP (name, address, phone). It needs to be displayed consistently across all accounts and directories as well as on every page of your website. Look at creating individual location web pages on your site so you can target location-based local keywords to each page. Look at creating a number of blog pages with local content.


manage reviews

Part of the process of having your local business on Google is that people can write reviews about your product or service. There are also a number of review sites including the main local directories and sites like Product Review. You need to be across all of your reviews and if you have time, respond to as many as you can, especially the negative ones. There are review management companies available that can help generate reviews and possibly negate bad reviews with a volume of good reviews.


track your results

Google Analytics will provide you with nearly all the information you need to track your SEO results. It will show your search traffic, time on page, bounce rate and many more metrics. It will show where your traffic is coming from, the device types used, page speed, and how visitors interact with your site, from entry to exit. Other metrics that you need to track are your keyword rankings, number of backlinks, your main competitors' traffic and your social media and advertising campaigns.

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All of our costs are transparent - we don't have any hidden charges or surprises.

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